Makiko Method - Posture Balance -

A Japanese way of Unity and Balance for Body, Mind and Spirit

In Japanese, “Posture” and “Attitude” are translated to one word “Shisei - 姿勢”. Your attitude towards life is reflected in your physical being - your posture. My grandmother who was born into a family with Samurai roots, used to say “He has a lot of money. But he does not have good posture. Should I trust him or not…. ?”. I asked her “What does that mean ?” She responded “He does not have a healthy mind as shown by his bad posture.” An old Japanese expression is “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” So bad posture traditionally represents bad health.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain your posture as a principal tool of your heatlh and well being. Posture represents the power of your health, energy and well being because good posture provides you with better alignment, more mobility, greater sense of freedom, and better circulation – all of which enhance your own natural ability to heal. A healthy life means the flow of your life energy. Thus, improving your posture improves your life.

The Makiko Method is a comprehensive drug-less healing approach in order to balance physical, emotional and spiritual unity, that has been derived from all experiences, skills and training.

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I have developed an accurate observation skill and an intuitive healing treatment to identify, analyze, and resolve my client’s health issues while enhancing their own natural healing power. Makiko Method reveals that Everyone is capable of healing and recovering from health problems through their own natural healing power.

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